1. Mt Waterman.  This is a very special place.

  2. Mt. Lowe trail, in the fog.  San Gabriel Mountains

  3. geoffcordner:

    Sagauro cactus. Javelina Jundred, on the course, during the race. #ultramarathon #jj100 #ultratrail #seenonmyrun #trailandultra #trailrunning

  4. Mile 2, Javelina Jundred, McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  6:30am.  100 miles/100Km trail ultramarathon.  Temps would reach 106 degrees on the course.

  5. Me coming in to Inspiration Point, AC100, mile 9.  91 miles left to go.  #AC100 #ultramarathon #trailrunner  AC100 race report (and photos) here.

  6. Approaching the top of Mt. Islip.  San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles Natl. Forest.

  7. I don’t know who Wally Waldren was, but he sure has an awesome tree named after him, even though it was around for about 1,500 years before he showed up, and they probably should’ve named him after the tree instead of the other way around. Oh well. The arrogance of man. I never get tired of seeing this tree.  

  8. Kista Cook & the Twins, Shortcut Saddle, July 4th weekend, 2011

  9. The Scenic Mound, AC100 course. Kratka Ridge, San Gabriel Mountains.  #AC100, #PCT.  More photos and blog post here.

  10. Every now and then a man needs to post pictures of some cool ass flowers, just to show his sensitive side. These were down by the stream in Idle Hour, on an AC100 training run.  I believe they are Panther Lilies.
  11. geoffcordner:

    Mariposa Grove, Yosemite National Park.

  12. Shadow of the Giants 50K, Fishcamp, California, just outside of Yosemite National Park.  The course takes runners through Nelder Grove, full of Giant Sequoias.  This is earlier on the course.

  13. Clouds of smoke from the Powerhouse Fire, seen from the ridge of Mt. Baden Powell, 9,300’ Angeles Nation Forest

  14. Along the Pacific Crest Trail, about 4 miles in the direction of Mexico from Guffy Campground.  I am trying (thus far without success) to determine approximately what mile point on the PCT this photo (and others) might be.  Not on the AC100 course.

  15. Nanny Goat 12/24/100 12 hour/24 hour/100 mile race is just winding down.  Here is a shot from 2 years ago, 100 mile finisher Kista Cook have her foot tended to in the middle of the night.