1. Chilao sunset.  Angeles National Forest.  We camped and ran the AC100 course in 3 days over July 4th weekend.  Story and pictures here.

  2. Bishop High Sierra 100K course.  See more  here.

  3. Half Dome from the Panorama Trail, Yosemite.  A shuffling recovery/tourist hike after Shadow of the Giants 50K.

  4. Heading up to Fishcamp, just outside of Yosemite, for Shadow of the Giants 50K, a stunning course that takes us through giant Sequoias.  This is a shot from last year, around mile 10 or so.  More pictures can be seen here. 

  5. My tent.  La Jolla Campground, near Pt. Mugu.  In a few hours there would be a handful more tents, and then the finish line of the Coyote Backbone 68 miler, a 68 mile race along the entirety of the Backbone Trail, which runs along the Santa Monica Mountains from Santa Monica to Pt. Mugu.  Shot on film, March 2014.

  6. Brown Mountain/El Prieto trail.  Just above Altadena, and at the top of the marine layer.  The city feels very distant.  Part of my never ending search for quiet

  7. Overlook Aid Station, mile 21 of the Bishop High Sierra 100K/50m, in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.  This is an incredible, scenic ultra, and at elevation - most of the race is around 8,000 - 9,500 feet.  I took third in my age division.  Read more about it here

  8. Bear Canyon.  And the post that goes with it: Wandering

  9. Mt Waterman.  This is a very special place.

  10. Mt. Lowe trail, in the fog.  San Gabriel Mountains

  11. geoffcordner:

    Sagauro cactus. Javelina Jundred, on the course, during the race. #ultramarathon #jj100 #ultratrail #seenonmyrun #trailandultra #trailrunning

  12. Mile 2, Javelina Jundred, McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  6:30am.  100 miles/100Km trail ultramarathon.  Temps would reach 106 degrees on the course.

  13. Me coming in to Inspiration Point, AC100, mile 9.  91 miles left to go.  #AC100 #ultramarathon #trailrunner  AC100 race report (and photos) here.

  14. Approaching the top of Mt. Islip.  San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles Natl. Forest.

  15. I don’t know who Wally Waldren was, but he sure has an awesome tree named after him, even though it was around for about 1,500 years before he showed up, and they probably should’ve named him after the tree instead of the other way around. Oh well. The arrogance of man. I never get tired of seeing this tree.